Unnamed Campaign 1: Character Creation

A character sheet from the tabletop role-playing game MÖRK BORG with handwritten game details, a pen resting beside it on a wooden surface, and part of the game’s yellow and black book visible.

All the characteristics, stats, weapons, armor, and equipment were rolled with dice.

  • Characteristics

    • Name: Belsum
    • Silver: 5
    • Unheroic Feat: Leech. Blood heals and sustains Belsum. A pint heals d4 HP. Belsum may still eat regular food, but suffers the effects of starvation after one day.
  • Initial Stats

    • Hit Points: 7
    • Strength: +1
    • Agility: +2
    • Presence: +1
    • Toughness: 0
    • Omens: 1
  • Weapons and Armor

    • Weapon: Staff (d4)
    • Weapon: Shield (-1 hp damage or have the shield break to ignore one attack)
    • Armor: Medium armor (scale, mail, etc., −d4 damage, tier 2) 100s. DR+2 on Agility tests, including defense.
  • Equipment

    • Waterskin for 4 days
    • Food for 4 days
    • Backpack for 7 normal-sized items
      1. Torches: 5
      2. Lockpicks
      3. Toolbox (including a hammer, 10 nails, a small saw, and tongs)

After the initial setup, I used 20 silver pieces to buy the toolbox and 5 silver pieces for lockpicks.

Unnamed Campaign 1

For the first solo play published in this blog, I picked MÖRK BORG, an apocalyptic fantasy RPG where the world is ending, and the character will die, one way or another.

This campaign utilizes the core book of MÖRK BORG along with three supplements: Solitary Defilement, FERETORY, and HERETIC.

I’m planning a small campaign with four milestones, including traveling, city crawling, and dungeon crawling.

The main character will find himself in a situation where he must locate information, which should lead him on various quests until he reaches his destiny.