A character sheet from the tabletop role-playing game MÖRK BORG with handwritten game details, a pen resting beside it on a wooden surface, and part of the game’s yellow and black book visible.

All the characteristics, stats, weapons, armor, and equipment were rolled with dice.

  • Characteristics

    • Name: Belsum
    • Silver: 5
    • Unheroic Feat: Leech. Blood heals and sustains Belsum. A pint heals d4 HP. Belsum may still eat regular food, but suffers the effects of starvation after one day.
  • Initial Stats

    • Hit Points: 7
    • Strength: +1
    • Agility: +2
    • Presence: +1
    • Toughness: 0
    • Omens: 1
  • Weapons and Armor

    • Weapon: Staff (d4)
    • Weapon: Shield (-1 hp damage or have the shield break to ignore one attack)
    • Armor: Medium armor (scale, mail, etc., −d4 damage, tier 2) 100s. DR+2 on Agility tests, including defense.
  • Equipment

    • Waterskin for 4 days
    • Food for 4 days
    • Backpack for 7 normal-sized items
      1. Torches: 5
      2. Lockpicks
      3. Toolbox (including a hammer, 10 nails, a small saw, and tongs)

After the initial setup, I used 20 silver pieces to buy the toolbox and 5 silver pieces for lockpicks.